Audio Clip!! Toolz Interviews the #BBNaija Finalists…

Audio Clip!! Grace Ladoja (@GraceLaDOJA- M.B.E)’s On The Beat 99.9 FM
April 25, 2018
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April 27, 2018

Audio Clip!! Toolz Interviews the #BBNaija Finalists…



Interview with the five finalists of BB Naija



Miracle hasn’t collected his cheque yet and he’ll get it this week. He finished his PPL training and wanted to go for his CPL training but he had issues with fund so with this win, he would be able to do that.
Miracle isn’t sure why he won and was shocked and on the day of the finale, the only thing he heard was the 25 Million Naira

Miracle would be friends with everyone but his real friends remain Tobi, Nina and Alex

Miracle would pick Tobi or Nina as winner

Miracle would only share money with his fellow housemates if they come up with a nice business proposal


Even though she had a boyfriend, Nina’s attraction to Miracle was natural and not intended. Afterall, she is human.

Nina and Collins were together for a year before she went to the BB Naija house and she hasn’t spoken to him or his friends because she is sure he and his friends are upset with her and she doesn’t want negative vibes

Right now, she doesn’t think there is a chance of reconciliation with Collins

If she could go back to the house, she wouldn’t mention Collins. She would have kept her relationship private and that was what drew her back

*Nina comes close to tears talking about what Alex did to her*

Nina would pick Miracle or Alex as winner

Nina wants to finish her education and go into beauty, fashion and entertainment


Despite being the most nominated housemate, Cee-C doesn’t know why people kept her till the end and most of what she had was belief in her-self.

She believes she had all the clashes because of the different strong personalities in the house and the environment.

People need to stay tuned and see if the CeeC in the house would be the same CeeC outside of the house.

On her final and most publicized clash with Tobi, she said she had had a build up and she just needed to get everything out of her head.

When she came out and saw everything people have been saying at her, she was shocked as she didn’t see herself like that. So she is taking the truths from people’s opinions.

She is planning to get anger management classes.

One of the reasons she clashed with Tobi was because he kept talking about her behind her back and she didn’t like that.

If she could go back into the house, she would walk away from a lot of confrontations.

Cee-C would remain friends with everybody

Cee-C would pick Khloe as winner

Cee-C explains what she meant by people are not on her level and she said she didn’t mean she was better than anybody. For her, she said it in a state of anger.

Cee-C was not in entertainment before she went into the house so she wants to go to film-school and do freelance in law/entertainment law. She is not going into litigation law.



Alex has met Tobi’s family

Alex doesn’t believe a relationship with Alex is right, as at this moment

On Leo’s exit where she cried buckets, Alex said she had developed a connection with him because he understood her

Also, she misjudged Ifu Ennada in the first week but she got to know her as the weeks progressed and it was a double blow for her when she and Leo were evicted

Alex doesn’t think she would ever quarrel with Miracle or Tobi. She is also friends with Vandora.

Nina hurt her because she came out of the house and she felt she was giving her attitude.

*Alex goes on a rant on what Nina did to her after they left the house*

Alex would pick Tobi or Miracle for winner.


Tobi says his mum likes Alex and wouldn’t mind them being together but he wants Alex to face the world first and if she believes a relationship with him is appropriate, then they can get together.

Tobi says he wouldn’t mind a relationship with Alex. He believes he can get Alex if he really wants to pursue her but not at the moment

Tobi wanted to stay away from Cee-C and everything he tried to be civil with her didn’t work.

He didn’t observe her properly from the start and if he did, he wouldn’t have started a romantic relationship with her and it’s more of a lesson to him.

There was no sexual tension between he and Cee-C. There were play kisses but beyond that, there was nothing.

Out of the house, he and Cee-C are cool.

On how he managed to stay calm during his last clash with CeeC, he wanted her to get everything out of her mind.

If Tobi could go back into the house, he would stay away from Cee-C.

Tobi would have a cordial relationship with everybody but he would be besties with Alex and Miracle

Tobi would pick Alex or Miracle as winner

Tobi wants to go into entertainment as he left the corporate world and would carve a niche for himself in the industry. He also did not let his colleagues at Heritage Bank know he was auditioning for Big Brother because he did not want to create a conflict of interest and they had no hands in getting him into the show.

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