Audio Clip!! Grace Ladoja (@GraceLaDOJA- M.B.E)’s On The Beat 99.9 FM

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April 20, 2018
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April 26, 2018

Audio Clip!! Grace Ladoja (@GraceLaDOJA- M.B.E)’s On The Beat 99.9 FM




Highlights of Grace Ladoja’s interview with Toolz:



Toolz talks about Grace Ladoja’s title; which is an MBE, which stands for Most Excellent Member of The British Order and as conferred on her by the Royal Family for her outstanding achievements in the music industry

Grace Ladoja also manages Skepta, who rejected his MBE from the royal family.

She has been in the UK music industry for about 3 years even though she started out in the film/documentary industry, making music videos, consulting for a street wear brand and that’s how she met Skepta as she booked him for an event for another brand

She talks about selecting artistes that performed with Skepta at a recent event and the criteria for picking them

She talks of why cultural exchange is important in the music industry

On being a woman in the music industry, she doesn’t feel the pressure as much. She is surrounded by a lot of alpha males so she doesn’t see her sex in the music industry. Her experience may be different from other women

Grace says she’s been treated differently because she’s a woman only in Nigeria and not in the U.K. She says she’s constantly being called a small girl in Nigeria but all the shade doesn’t bother her

Her father was the former Governor of Oyo state and he did not have an impact on her success. She met him as an adult as she was raised by a single mother and he does not have any influence and cannot take any credit for she is and what she has achieved

She talks more about her MBE…


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