@CobhamsAsuquo Talks New Album, Driving Skills, Love of All Things Westcoast, & More with Toolz

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March 10, 2017
March 16, 2017

@CobhamsAsuquo Talks New Album, Driving Skills, Love of All Things Westcoast, & More with Toolz


Check out highlights from Cobhams‘ interview with Toolz. But the clips, hold much more juice.

Cobhams Interview,  Part 1


The new album has a strong christian undertone and it’s also an expression of his relationship with God.

He played the piano on all of the tracks, except track 3.

The album is a live one.

He recorded 3 albums and struggled with which to put out but one of the reasons he put out this one, is to inspire hope to in a broken world and there is too much reason and logic and rationale but he wants people to understand there is a fourth dimension, that’s higher than us and that dimension is God.

He has another album that’s entirely dedicated to his wife and the theme of love and he does intend to put that out at some point.

His next album will be out on 14th of February, next year

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Cobhams Interview, Part 2


His first music to have gone on radio was in 2002

He thinks Don jazzy is a better businessman than he is.

Toolz said she heard from someone that when they’re working with cobhams, halfway through, they don’t want to continue working with him because he tends to out-sing them to which Cobhams modestly disagrees, saying he thinks that applies to don jazzy more than it does to him.

Toolz also wondered why, when she meets him, without saying a word, he knows its her.

Cobhams can drive. His dad taught him how to drive with a stick shift (old peugeot 504).

He surmounted all of the challenges he faced because he refused to disbelieve, because of other people’s limitations on him and his ability to dream and hope, kept him going. He also believed in the power, other than himself, to make things happen for him and that power was Jesus.

He travels by himself, across Nigeria and the world. He just needs to buy a good book  and plug in his  earphones and he will be good.

Nosa is the only Nigerian he featured on his album because Nosa is super talented and did out-sing him.

In the Nigerian music space, 3 people he would love to work with; KSA, Sinach and Sir Shina Peters.

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Cobhams Interview, part 3



At some point, he will go into politics in Nigeria

God is his inspiration because he’s been through a lot and has seen a lot and life is more than the 3 dimensions, there is a fourth dimension that helps us from above.

A month ago, he felt like quitting music because he thought people wouldn’t respond well to his gospel album, so he contemplated going back to producing or America or even law school but he felt God talk to him to continue as this album, was bigger than his fears.

He put in over a hundred thousand dollars working on one album.

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