Audio Clip: Tekno (@AlhajiTekno)’s Interview with Toolz

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Audio Clip: Tekno (@AlhajiTekno)’s Interview with Toolz



Tekno was on my show and it turned out to be a really, really interesting interview. It has been divided into 3 parts for easy listening and highlights have been noted for each part

Interview Part 1

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Highlights of Part 1:

  • Talking about his picture with Drake, he says he and Drake are friends making great music
  • This year, he will release his album
  • He worked with Davido on the hit song, If, as a producer and he says demand for his producing skills have soared. For him to produce a song for any artiste, he’d collect a minimum of 5 Million Naira and it is not a guarantee the song will blow up as that is up to the artiste…
  • In his words; “…if you have 5 million to produce a song, you have another 5 million to push the song…”
  • On the project he is working with Drake on, he says he wants to keep things under wraps but they are working on music.
  • He says the meeting was not based on a 3rd party connection, he reached out to him and Drake loves the precision with which he uses to make music
  • On whether he taught Drake some Nigerian slangs, he tells us to hold on and watch out for what’s coming…
  • He says Duro is the song that made people start listening to him.


Interview part 2

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Highlights of part 2:

  • Callers from Aba call and Tekno switches to ‘Igbo’ before Toolz jokingly protests and wants them to speak in English


  • Tekno says it was Kiss Daniel who inspired him to switch up his style, right before he started to pop


  • He thinks Simi is doing great


  • His album should drop in May and will be titled ‘Old Romance’ and the album will be a collection of the songs he likes the most; basically classic love songs


  • He is not single. He and Lola Rae are in a relationship and they love each other and they have been dating for a year.


  • On his debut album, he won’t have any features but there will be a number of producers


  • Toolz asks him about his recent controversy where a lady came out to say he didn’t want her in his music video because she is dark-skinned. He said he didn’t want her in the video because she was not so fine. Not fine enough to be the lead singer in his video


  • He will be leaving Triple MG (MMMG) later this year but he and Ubi Franklin are not fighting. They are on really great terms but when his contract expires, he will be leaving.


  • He will be setting up his record label; Cartel Business after he leaves Triple MG


  • Toolz talks of his fans who would want to pay to attend his shows but want him to give more. Instead, he just lip syncs and doesn’t really perform as expected. Toolz reads out a comment from his fan that bought tickets for 3 performances in Europe but was disappointed at Tekno’s performance.


  • Tekno defended himself by saying he didn’t have a lot of hit songs at the time and he had to pay about 4,000 Euros to perform at every European city and couldn’t afford backup dancers and singers and that was why his European tour didn’t come out well


  • He says; now he’s making good money so he can afford a live band and things are about to be different and he says he is one of the highest paid right now.


  • He says if he wants to play a show in Lagos, he would take nothing less than 4 Million Naira but in a city like Abidjan, he would take between 50,000 – 70,000 Dollars


Interview part 3

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Highlights of part 3:

  • He talked about his debut single; Dance which didn’t make him a lot of money even though it was quite popular. He adds that some songs could become hits but would make little to no money for the artiste


  • There is no perfect formula for a hit song.


  • He adds that love songs and positive songs usually have a lot more impact and it is important to have lyrics that people can relate to and what everyday people can use. Lyrics people are familiar with.


  • Songs that brag don’t make that much of an impact


  • When he’s working with artistes, he doesn’t just work on one song with them.  They make a number of songs, compare all of them and choose the best and that’s why he is expensive as a producer


  • He says he is in a position to make better demands so fans should expect better performances


  • After he releases his album in June, he won’t be having no album launch. He doesn’t have time for that and would drop the album and that’s it.


  • He says Drake would call him a friend


  • One of the ways he stays grounded is by playing his record for a random person who would be straight forward and not lie. Regardless of his fame and past hits, he still seeks opinions.


  • He doesn’t have any kids or baby mama


  • Wedding for him is not anytime soon


  • He advised upcoming acts to not sign any record deal signing away huge percentages in the same of a little opportunity and to make sure the artiste has more power over the label.


  • The spat between he and Wizkid was a PR move. It wasn’t any beef at all, it was about business


  • He is close to Flavour


  • Dammy Krane really upset him

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