Audio Clip!! Saeon’s (@SAEONMORUDA) Interview with Toolz on The Beat 99.9 FM

Audio Clip!! Ruby Gyang (@RubyGyang)’s Interview with ToolzO
March 11, 2018
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March 15, 2018

Audio Clip!! Saeon’s (@SAEONMORUDA) Interview with Toolz on The Beat 99.9 FM





She was quite quiet last year because while she was preparing to promote some body of work, she lost her dad so that took her by surprise because he wasn’t ill. And in the middle of planning his funeral, she had to go into surgery and was not able to attend his funeral so she had to take time out to be with her family, heal and get herself together


But she is happy to be back to work


Saeon speaks of her battle with Endometriosis



Toolz mentions how Sade releases one album every 10 years and for the whole one year, she does her tours, interviews and then goes back to her shell for another 9 years


Toolz reminds her of the Song; I Want You which features Saeon, Tex, Mojeed, Poe, Tesh Carter and why there isn’t a video to such an amazing song. Saeon also speaks of how the song eventually came about…


Saeon says her performance at the recent Ushbebe comedy show was her best performance since she started music and performing on stage


She prefers to perform live as opposed to miming over her CD

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  1. Oyinade says:

    More grace Ma’am
    Very selfless woman
    God bless you

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